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Laugharne Festival 2016

Dear Wilko fans.

We were surprised to receive a number of messages from fans enquiring as to why Wilko has ‘pulled out’ of Laugharne Festival this year – Wilko was not actually available for this date in the first place, so his subsequent inclusion on the bill was incorrect.

We are sorry if any of you were misled and bought tickets on the understanding that Wilko would be present, or indeed if you were concerned as to what had happened – we are happy to assure you that Wilko is well and looking forward to the UK tour which begins in April.

Best wishes and thanks, as always, for your support,

Team Wilko.

Great videos of Wilko, Norman and Dylan in action!

If you weren’t lucky enough to catch Wilko and the boys on their recent tour of Spain (or indeed Sweden, which was a blast!) sponsor Estrella Galicia 1906 has sent us these great videos of the chaps in action, plus a lovely interview with the man himself.

Big thanks to everyone who came to the shows!



‘The Ecstasy Of Wilko Johnson’ Released On DVD 19/12/15

Just in time for Christmas! Julien Temple’s marvellous documentary film ‘The Ecstasy Of Wilko Johnson’ is released on DVD on December 19th by Cadiz Music.

This very special package includes surreal and thought-provoking artwork from Jonny Halifax – who designed the award-winning poster for the film – and dark fairytale sleeve notes by biographer Zoë Howe. 

We have had so many lovely messages for Wilko as a result of the film, particularly after its transmission on BBC 1 this month. It’s clear that Julien’s film and Wilko’s incredible story has touched so many people, which is wonderful.

Keep on rocking, and save the NHS! As Wilko put it, ‘They saved me.’